Plagues in the Planes

Devlin: Torog Temple Encounter

Rats and Portals

So having defeated the wererats… It was time for the party to find that pesky Devlin and finish him off. For good. There were unexplored passageways back throughout the dungeon, but there were two perfectly good tunnels standing right infront of the party, and for avandras sake the could hold Wererat LOOT!

Suddenly Alistair decided there could be more loot in the trash, and dived right in to explore. Upon finding nothing he bathed in the freezing cold river. Then Haunt decided to check down the passageway on the left. His good hearing caught the sound of a woman crying, echoing down the tunnel. Without a moments hesitation or any inspection of the other tunnel the party proceeded down the first passage to save the day and defeat any vile creatures down there. And there could be LOOT!

The adventurers make their way down the passage and into a large chamber. The end of the chamber is dark and above Alistair notices some cages. A shrill voice spoke out of the darkness: “You would save me a lot of trouble if you just got into them yourselves…”. A dialogue begins between Devlin and the party… Suddenly, he flicks his wrist and the room plunges into darkness as every candle and torch goes out.

After a bloody battle Devlin is on the back foot (claw?). Haunt strikes and Devlin is in deep pain. Tarrasol charges and slices deep into his chest, he puts his foot up to the beast and draws his blade from it’s torso. Devlin falls into a crumpled heap. It is finished… Or is it…. Devlin still breathes and he cackles with his final words….. “Too late…… too late….” And is still.

After a short rest the party heals up and inspects the amulet they retrieved as well as some magic leather armour. It turns out to be Bloodcut Armour which Haunt claims. Also the party find a magic bag of holding.

Faint rumbles echo from deep in the rock. Moloch and Alistair sense the aura in the room is changing. A summoning ritual has been acted here and Devlins death on this stage has completed it. Something from the deep dark places is coming. A portal is opening in this very room. From beyond the portal, figures move… they are coming through.

Thraxus “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”



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