Plagues in the Planes

NightCats Den

Go Into Their Homes and Wreck Up the Place

On emerging from the Town Hall, where the party spoke with Mayor Brelog concerning his fake ancestry, they were approached by a hooded figure, who invited them to the park after dark to meet with Kaynen, leader of The Ghost Wolves.

When they arrived in the park, the sun was setting over the horizon, and a lone figure waited for them in the middle of the park. He introduced himself as Kaynen to them, and told them a tale of the Ghost Wolves.

“Long ago, when Tordek first settled this valley, the Ghost Wolves were a group of monster hunters who protected this town. We fought against lycanthropes and monsters mainly, but had the occasional call to fight our fellow man. But time changes everything, and even as we aged, and the reigns passed from father to son, to my grandfather, to his son and then to me, a change happened.

“We went from being heroes to outlaws: protectors to mere mercenaries and thugs. The few of us who still call ourselves Ghost Wolves see this with heavy hearts. But what are we to do?

“And then recently, as this new ruffian group, this ‘Night Cats’, moved in, we have been dropped again in status to a warring thieves group. But then you come to our city, and perhaps it is fate, because you may be able to save us all.”

“How do you mean?” Haunt asked, confused.

“We heard that you are seeking out Devlin. So we have a common enemy. And I know you saved Nate’s sons a few weeks back, and for that I am grateful. For you see, I am Nate’s uncle. And so I can give you this advice: it is not only Devlin you must look out for. He is trouble, but Felicia, the old leader of the Night Cats is still around and she is just as bad.”

“Thank you,” Alistair said, “but we could appreciate any help more than advice. We need to get into their hideout.”

Kaynen considered a second and then nodded. “Then we will provide a distraction sufficient for you to sneak in. It will happen at sunrise tomorrow. Do not miss your chance.”

He looked like he wanted to ask something. The party waited.

“If I could ask one thing of you all?”

“Shoot,” Haunt said.

“Felicia wears about her neck an amulet. It has no magical power, it is an heirloom of mine she stole long ago. If you could retrieve that, I could not thank you enough.”

“We’ll see what we can do,” Alistair said. Then the parties dispersed.

Half a Candlemark Before Noon – the next day

The party approached the Night Cat’s safehouse and knocked on the door, using the codes Brelog had given them to enter. Their weapons were taken from them, and they were made to sit in an antechamber when the guards were distracted by fighting outside, and left. Left alone, the party entered the safehouse lounge, where a group of Night Cats sat at a table playing a game of chance.

Alistair approached them and was soon invited into the game. Using a combination of luck, trickery, and bluffing, he provoked a fight, which ended with the Night Cats knocked out. But the fighting drew the attention of Felicia and her two guards, and they burst into the room, attacking the party.

It was short but bloody, as Haunt rolled around to behind the Night Cats’ once leader and stabbed her in the back. She fell, the heirloom dangling around her neck dropping to the floor with a metallic pang.

Then, the fight over, the party took the bodies (some living, some dead) and dumped them into the armoury room. With the door locked, even if they regained consciousness they would not escape.

Ready for battle, Alistair peeked through the door and into a room with…

... nothing in it. Completely empty. “Hmm,” he said, confused.

They looked for many minutes, unable to find anything but a large table and a fireplace. Haunt made the joking remark that there would be a secret passage in the fireplace, and pressed against a stone. He jumped back suddenly as the grating of stone on stone alerted them to the opening of a secret portal down under the town.

Debating if they should go in, the party looked down into the darkness.


Son of a…

I typed up this whole encounter and then my internet stuffed up.

NightCats Den

Awesome… The retelling of it is great read… more fun for me than the actual encounters… though what is in store for you guys next should be interesting…

NightCats Den

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