Plagues in the Planes

Ambush in the Plaza

A tavern fight spills onto the streets... It's a TRAP!

Our adventures have earned a bit of a name for themselves from rescuing Nate’s sons. While celebrating this new found fame with a few drinks at Auburn Raven a cloaked old begger asks for a few spare coin. Tarrasol obliges but it turns out to be a trick. The cloaked figure is much younger than he first appeared. He picks Tarrasol’s pocket and runs out of the tavern, the exit is blocked by a large man who looks like he wants to pick a fight. Haunt and Alistair make it out the door but are caught in an ambush in the plaza as bandits appear from every door and alleyway.

A skirmish begins and while it looks bad for the party, they gain the upper hand. The pick pocket runs and a chase begins across the market district of Tordek’s Vale. Eventually the group catch the pick pocket and are about to beat him to a pulp when some members of the Tordek Guard arrive on the scene and arrest the would-be thief.

After the encounter, the guard leader, Captain Finthor shakes Tarrasol’s hand. “I have no doubt you will do what is needed to help save this town from corruption.” He smiles, and it is more hope than sincerity in those eyes. “Go speak to our mayor, I will see that you are expected.”


Nice one Shannon :)

Ambush in the Plaza

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