Plagues in the Planes

Stepping Up for Selune Pt.1

Approach and Enter

We leave Luskan using Phantom Steed and take 5 days to almost reach Selune’s Step. We camp for the night and nothing happens. Woot.

The next day we head towards Selune’s Step and see some activity down the road. We approach and see some trolls are fighting over a dead horse. Haunt gets a bit closer and see’s there is also a rider so we spring into action.

Rogue Wolves vs. 5 Trolls and an Oni. Fight!! (spicy description of Molochs awesomeness)

As the Oni dies he briefly appears as the rider that the trolls killed before reverting to it’s normal form. After examining the body we recover a letter address to Baron (Something) notifying him that his son Etheran has been killed, the trolls are in possession of his families ancestral sword and that Selune’s Step needs help urgently. Looking at the rider’s body we surmise he is a messenger (named Perrel) and he didn’t get far out of town before being ambushed. The message was from Kelana, Mayor of Selune’s Step.

We continue on to Selune’s Step and on arrival ask direction to the mayor and are told she is in the keep at the top of the hill. We go and tell her of Perrel and that we are the aid Immeral sent. She is upset by the former and seems unimpressed by the latter (we’ll show her!), wanting an army to come help. She explained the situation about the Baron’s son Etheran and his party to us and we tell her we will help in any way possible.

We then go to the Cloudwatch Inn and see Bax and meet Cham the owner.

Tarrasol talks to Bax, Alistair talks to Cham.

Alistair and Moloch go see Rualiss and learn some history but not much else. The old Troll Kingdom was named Vardar and rulled by a troll named Vard. The new troll trying to rebuild the kingdom is named Skalmad.

Tarrasol and Haunt see a ranger and learn stuff, including something about a missing farm boy.

We venture forth..

(if anyone wants to edit, elaborate or move elements to the quest part feel free)


Nice work Todd. I just fixed up Bax’s name and Etheran.. and it’s the Cloudwatch Inn (cause he watches for Clouds to cover the gate).

Stepping Up for Selune Pt.1

Sorry, Skalmad is the new Troll Kings name…

Stepping Up for Selune Pt.1

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