Plagues in the Planes

The City of Sails, Luskan.

A retched hive of scum and villiany...

Gathering your possessions and newly found treasure, you begin the long trek back to Heafstags camp. Your sure the Barbarian chief and his Shaman will be happy to hear of what has transpired. After two days of walking across the floating island you return to the barbarian camp with a warm welcome from Solly.

He, unlike usual, is in his true form and looks at you all with a deep grin on his near feature-less face. “_Thought I was going to have to come and rescue you lot again._”

After some groans from the party and a look of disbelief from Tarrasol and Solly’s unusual way of remember past events, he reminds Solly that after the teaming up in the thieves den that he saved Solly’s hide on the docks of Waterdeep.

You inform Heafstag and his Shaman of the truth behind the death and ‘rebirth’ of Frostwing. You then recite the passage the Silver Dragon Spectre told you. The Shaman agrees that the Spider Queen likely refers to the demon queen of spiders, Lolth. Though you points out talking to good Gods is no easy task, and Lolth is about as far from good as they come. After some celebrations that last two days straight, Captain Deudermont informs you that the island is completing the airborne part of it’s cycle and the Seasprite will be able to put out to sea again within the hour. You hastily pack your gear and return to the ship, eager to get to Luskan and enjoy some of the comforts a large city can provide while spending some of your hard earned coin.

The remainder of the trip is peaceful, Moloch and Alistair spend a fair share of their time discussing the new rituals they have found. Thrax and the Captain discuss affairs in the various cities along the coast and the history of the area. Tarrasol lends a hand with the sailing of the ship and is well liked by the crew. They are amazed as pulls a rope to set a sail that would usually require three men to maneuver. Finally Haunt and Solly teach each other a few tricks that only people in ‘the trade’ would know. Also Solly helps Haunt perfect a new method of combat with his dagger that is guaranteed to cause the Thieves Guild leader ‘Noble’ some trouble in the future. A week later and they arrive at Luskan, the City of Sails. The atmosphere of the city is completely different to the city of splendors, Water Deep. People are guarded and unfriendly. Saying the wrong words in the wrong tavern and people end up missing, founds days later floating face down in the harbour, or flowing out one of the sewer outflows. The party lay low and try to appear as common mercenaries, staying at ‘The Cutlass’ tavern. They enjoy some ale, wine, food, gambling and warm beds.

A month passes, and then on a stormy night, a figure enters from the rain and shakes off his wet cloak.

As he removes the cowl of his cloak, it is clear for all to see that he is an elf. He stands tall for an elf, 6 foot at the least. A longbow is slung across his back and as he turns to scan the room you see the glint of an elven blade beneath his cloak. His finishes his inspection and then his eyes return to your table. He seems to count each of you out, not stopping till he has finally spotted Moloch in the corner booth sitting across from Solly and Thraxus, smoking pipe weed, glowing embers revealing his concern. Unlike the rest of the vagrants that fill The Cutlass, this green cloaked figure bears weapons of strong fey magic, and theirs auras radiate out to Moloch like a beacon.

The elf alters his stance a little and moves a hand to the clasp of his cloak, and suddenly the magic auras fade, the glow recedes. He turns back towards the doorway and nods to someone out of sight, turns back and confidently strides towards your main table where Tarrasol, Alistair and Haunt sit staring over their drinks.

After a moments pause, he steps aside and from behind him steps an Eladrin male that looks and feels completely out of place in The Cutlass in every possible way. From his fine crafted boots, to his deep regal cloak, he is a Luskan thief’s dream catch. Tarrasol’s head reflexively turns to Alistair, the parties nominated fey ambassador, and see’s a look on his face that is a mix of confusion, curiosity and anger.

Eladrin: “So, I can see you’ve not forgotten me Alistair, as we have not forgotten you.”

Tarrasol: “Who is this guy Alistair?

Alistair recovers from his shock and searches for the right words to explain.

Alistair: “Elder Immeral… of Kanthyr. He was on the council that decided upon my banishment… in fact… he lead it.



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