Plagues in the Planes

The Odd Couple

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

You are escorted to the feywild ruins portal by wood elves.

While trekking back to Sune, you run into an injured Orc of the Many Arrows clan, named Knuckles. He is accompanied by his companion Bulldor, the Dwarf. They are running from a small hunting party of Orcs of Gruumsh.

The Knuckles and Bulldor hide and you kill the orc scouts. But as soon as you have caught your breath you hear a much larger Orc host approaching. A chase begins through the wilds of Whitewood and you outrun the Orcs and make it across the river to some ruins at the foot of the mountains north west of White Wood.

You stand and fight the host of over 40 Orcs from atop a defended postion within the ruins, thus allowing Knuckles and Bulldor to escape into the hills. Before departing they said they would not forget what you had done for them.



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