Plagues in the Planes

Tordek - Beginning of the End

Enter the dungeon of doom...

The party enter the dungeons below Tordek once more, but things have changed. The portals linked to the astral sea and elemental chaos are warping the city of Tordek and The Grey Vale region.

Curuvar is seperated from the party and taken deeper into the dungeon by demon soldiers. After navigating fissures spewing acid jets from the earth and defeating many spiked and spined demonic creatures the party come across a puzzling sight. They body of Thraxus lays dead on the floor in the dungeon room they have just entered, but Thrax also stands alive right next to them and hasn’t left their sight in what feels like days.

The body on the ground is scarred by a recent battle, the fatal wound being what looks like something beteen a sword thrust and a lightning bolt to the chest. The sounds of battle spur the party on to the next room where they find more unbelievable sights. The other four members of the party find doubles of themselves in this room fighting a horde of demons, and Curuvar stands magically bound to a giant portal. By the time the heroes can act only the Tarrasol double remains alive. Having just dispatched the last demon the party is full of questions but there is no time, the portal rips open and a demon lord bursts through followed by huge burning elemental creatures.

The demon lord is too powerful for the party, but the Tarrasol double steps forward to block it’s path giving the party time to escape through a portal Curuvar created. As they are about to step through the strange Tarrasol tells Thrax that he is sorry and turns to the parties Tarrasol and says: “Don’t trust her..”

They dive through the portal, Tarrasol last of all, turning back to see Curuvar stand alone against the demonic giants as his own the Tarrasol Prophet is cut down by the Demon Lord.

Is this a vision of his future, will he soon live it from the other point of view… the thought brings a shudder to him… and then darkness…



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