Plagues in the Planes

Tordek - She's the Devil

She doesn't look evil...

The party transport through the portal to safety… or so it seems. It is pitch black, cold and wet and they can’t breath. They are underwater. By the guide of Moloch’s light spell on his staff they find their way to the surface and realise they are in the Torog Torture chamber section of the dungeon… but when? The past? The Present? The Future?

They make their way down some stairs and find themselves in the room they first found Thrax dead in. This time his body isn’t there, so the living party member Thrax begins to worry that he will soon be playing that part himself.

A woman is crying in the centre of the room over a dead mans body. Tarrasol remembers the words his double said to himself. “Don’t trust her”... he approaches cautiously, questioning the woman. Haunt sneaks around a statue to the right, Moloch Alistair and Thrax hang back.

The woman transforms into a succubus and dominates Tarrasols mind. Haunt launches a crossbow bolt at her striking her before she can plant a spell on Tarrasol with a kiss. Moloch summons a ball of radiant energy to sear the vile she-devil. The succubus finally plants her kiss and Tarrasol is bound to her, unable to attack her and more than happy to step in the way of any bolt or blade that comes to harm her. Soon a Bladeling and Imp enter the battle. The Bladeling fires a long bow from the back of the room while the Imp came out of a nearby pit and attacked Moloch by surprise. Haunt reacts quickly a flanks the Imp, striking a deadly blow. The small winged creature nearly hits the roof from shock and pain when Haunts short sword pierces it’s devil flesh.

Thrax steps forward to help Tarrasol deal with the Succubus but is surprised when Tarrasol turns on him at the command of the succubus and thrusts his lightning sword through his side. The Succubus belives she has the fight won and releases Tarrasol from his domination so that he may feel the grief fully at what he has done, though she still controls his will enough to stop him from attacking her.

His fury overflows and with not other target he directs his rage at the bladeling, slashing and hacking at it repeatedly. Fearing for it’s life it disobeys the Succubus’ orders and attacks Tarrasol, breaking the remainder of the spell in the process. Free from her charms Tarrasol aided by Haunt slay the Bladeling and focus their efforts on the Succubus. She is quickly slain, nothing more than a crumpled heap on the cold stone floor.

With all five members of the party alive, though somewhat injured, things seem to be going better for the heroes than for the doubles who seemed to have walked this path in another time line.

Next the final battle with the Demon Captain who is summoning the Demon lords through the portal. But the party wonders will it survive or will they be overcome with their final vision before death the sight of themselves from an earlier timeline entering the portal room to repeated the cycle all over again…



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