Alistair Trevaalt

Warlock of the Fey Pact


110 years old, he is still relatively young for an Eladrin. He has blond hair down to his back, and green eyes tinged with blue and white specks. Pale white skin. He prefers to wear blue and green and grey clothing, and carries a tattoo of the Raven Queen on his left shoulder.

Str 12 Con 14
Dex 10 Int 16
Wis 10 Cha 18

AC 17; Fortitude 15, Reflex 17, Will 19

(Gains concealment when moving more than 2 squares, and can activate an aura of protection once per day to give himself +3 AC UeE for an effective total armour of 22, or 24 after using Ethereal Stride.)

HP 41, Bloodied 20; 8 surges/day at +11HP each.
Init +1, Low-light vision, Speed 6, Passive Perception 12, Insight 17
Languages: Common, Elven

Feats: Improved Misty Step, Blade Initiate (Swordmage Multiclass), Intelligent Blademaster

Equipment: +1 Pact Sword Longsword, +1 Rod of Corruption, +1 Rod of Blasting, Leather Armour, +1 Cloak of Resistance, Belt of Vigour, Standard Adventurer’s Kit, Healing Potion (1).

Various features: Weapon Proficiency (Longsword), Trance, Fey Origin, Fey Step, +5 on Charm Saves, Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Warlock’s Curse (1d6), Aegis of Defence, Intelligent Blademaster (add INT to basic melee attacks instead of STR).


Alistair was a favoured lieutenant from low background in the ranks of his king and queen’s service in the fey realm city of Kanthyr. He has a wife (Meghda), son (Esuha), and daughter (Tarine). He went through life quite content to remain a soldier in charge of his finesse-based teleporting warrior squad. (Think special forces. Not sure how loyal his troops are to him anymore. Could make an interesting encounter.)

One day, he uncovered a plot by the monarch’s second son, The Raven Prince, who was using the energy from captured non-fey children to fuel some conspiracy. Thinking himself to be highly trusted, Alistair brought the information forwards at court. The court is held by the monarch, their spouse, a helper, and four children. It is a constant struggle for control, involving secret dealings and hidden plotting. I mean, the eladrin live for hundreds of years, so they learn to be really patient and long-thinking in their plotting. Alistair is somewhat reckless for an eladrin (though he’s still less reckless than a human). Somehow, the prince found out that Alistair found out, and covered it up. The monarch puts themselves forward, and trusts Alistair, but when he/she investigates his claims, he/she finds them apparently false because the Raven Prince has had time to cover them up. Because of this, the monarch loses face and possibly influence at court, and the Raven Prince gains ground.

The monarch also loses faith in Alistair. Though he isn’t removed from service, he is effectively exiled from court. Seeing a chance, the Raven Prince has his goons kidnap Alistair, and take him to a distant area weeks north of the city, there to dump him in the mortal plane, across the border from the feywild. They told him that he’s lucky to be left for dead, but that if he should ever return, his life would be forfeit.

While crossing through to the Mortal world from the Feywild, Alistair is caught in a blizzard during one of the worst winters in decades. Lost, alone without hope of finding shelter or salvation, he realises his life is at an end. He prays to The Raven Queen that his death should be swift and for his soul to travel safely to the Astral Sea and not be taken captive or controlled by the forces of Orcus to rise again.

When out of the storm comes a horse with a dark coat and mane. It approaches Alistair, and he looks upon it and sees the rarest of things: a Dusk Unicorn. Black coat, Black mane, Black Horn. Seen as a dark omen among the fey, they are rare for unicorns, which are rare creatures themselves.

Through the Dusk Unicorn the very spirit of the storm speaks to Alistair.

“Your life is without meaning, and without meaning we leave no trace when we pass beyond the threads of life. As you are, you shall die and fade away. But it need not be this way. Death is the fate of us all, and you have chosen not to deny it. In accepting this, you will carry my message: Bring down those who deny fate. Winter is nigh and none can withstand it.”

Alistair accepts the words of the spirit, who he begins to suspect is some agent of the Raven Queen, come to answer his prayers. He is warmed by the words as he repeats the message. He knows what he is doing, and willingly enters the pact with the spirit. He will be the emissary, giving his life meaning, until winter envelops him too.

His wife and children are still alive, though perhaps mourning his disappearance. They would suspect the Raven Prince but have no means to prove it.

He journeys for ten years after that, seeking out those rulers who would abuse their subjects and either having the rulers set things right, or setting things right himself. He has perhaps developed a name doing so.

The Raven Prince probably believed him dead after the winter storm, but having established a stronger hold in court (and hearing of Alistair’s exploits) now has the resources to hunt down Alistair in the mortal realm. He tells Alistair’s old troops that Alistair is a traitor, and though the one in charge (who used to be second in command), Riardon, doesn’t believe Alistair capable of it, he follows orders. Riardon is probably the brother or cousin to Alistair’s wife, who has beseeched him to find out what happened to her husband. The Raven Prince hasn’t yet been able to get Riardon’s squad to go after him, but he has his own assassins: The Black Flowers, searching for him.

Alistair has no idea that any of this is going on, but thinks he has been forgotten about. He longs to return to his family, and to his home, and is acting against other rulers misusing their subjects perhaps in vengeance for what happened to him. He undoubtedly harbours ill feelings towards the prince, who he thinks is still plotting to overthrow the monarch.

Alistair Trevaalt

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