Curuvar The Wizard

A Wizard that lives near Suun.


This old wizard looks like he fell out of the pages of a classic fairy tale. With rune scribed robe, pointy hat, bushy beard and a long staff with an silver eagle head on the end.


You have heard of this wizard who lives near Suun from Thedel.

Curuvar specialises in artifacts and ancient magic. His recent years have been spent studying the spell plague and it’s effects on the portals of Toril. During the plague many of the Planes shifted, some merging into others or linking through new natural gateways. However thousands of crafted portals shutdown. Transportation across Toril and to it’s various planes has since become much more difficult.

Curuvar recently developed a portal key which uses a rift in the old magic weave to open and close portals. With enough skill and knowledge in the arcane arts, Curuvar believes the user could even create new portals, perhaps to anywhere.

Unfortunately the Key was recently stolen and Curuvar’s labratory was trashed. He has asked the Rogue Wolves to retrieve the Key and has given them the focus crystal which the key requires to be accurately controlled.

Curuvar The Wizard

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