Enjoys hiding, thieving, stabbing and long walks on the beach.


Tall black skinned Tiefling from the Gray Vale.

Chargers headress


  • Bloodcut Leather +2 While bloodied, expend a healing surge to gain resist 10 until next turn.
  • Thundergod Dagger +3 +1d6 damage on a charge
  • Silver Challenge Seeking Dagger +1 Silvered, just in case of werewolves, with basic enchantment so it returns.
  • Point Blank Hand Crossbow Encounter, attack doesn’t provoke opportunity attack.
  • Horned Helm +1d6 on a charge
  • Badge of the Berserker +2 Don’t provoke opportunity attacks on a charge
  • Flame Bracers +1d6 on critical, cheap item to fill Arms slot.
  • Strikebacks Encounter, when an adjacent enemy hits you, make a melee basic attack.
  • Boots of Adept Charging After charging, before end of turn, shift 1.
  • Panther Carving Summon a panther to fight by your side.
  • Belt of Vigor +1 healing surge value, cheap item to fill waist slot.

Haunt was a member of a party of three people (him, a shifter and a warforged) that were contracted by a thieves’ guild into stealing three specially made magical rapiers from the assassins’ guild. The three youths spent a few weeks learning the basics on how to become a thief. My Character was specialised in strength and stealth, but didn’t specialise in any particular weapon style. Amber, the warforged (named for his amber gemstones) was a master of thievery and used a sickle primarily. Morraine, the razorclaw shifter was a beast at stealth and acrobatics (cough artful dodger) using katars and shuriken mainly.

Noble, the dramatically ironically named tiefling and son of the leader of the thieve’s guild, helped the three of them get into the assassin’s barracks. A short stealth and slash filled hour later, they found the powerful items. Frost, Thundering and Flameburst. While Amber inspects the Flameburst short scythe, Noble takes the thundering katar and slashes at Amber’s face, taking out an eye (-2 to perception checks for you!) and the force of the thunder knocking him out the window (second story, he’ll be okay, maybe). Clearly betrayed, Morraine and My Character fight him briefly, taking the thundering weapon away from him.

Having made all this noise, guards appear at the door and attempt to apprehend the three of them. Noble grabs the frost rapier and exits the window, jumping across a short gap to the building next door and fleeing via the rooftops. My Character and Morraine jump down to the ground, (perform a quick healing check on Amber) and flee the city in opposite directions, leaving Amber on the streets.

My Character decides to get as far away as possible, so he keeps moving, changing his name to Haunt, to remind himself that no matter where he goes his past will follow him. A few weeks of fleeing later, he stops in a small village to gather equipment. A year later he’s still in the same village, only now with a wife. The expected happens, and an assassin appears, burning his house to the ground with his wife inside. Not even staying for the funeral, he flees yet again, never straying too far away from the places he grew up in, but never going too near or making much noise.

Years later, he was aware that Noble was now the leader of the thieves’ guild, and that Morraine was still alive and kicking somewhere in the wild, moving from place to place. Hearing a series of rumours about a warforged adorned with amber gemstones working in league with the assassins’ guild, he decides to investigate, but on the way to the city Amber was reportedly seen in last, he is conscripted into helping a silversmith find his son. Afterwards, he decides to stay with the new party until he hears more rumours about any of his old “friends”.


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