Moloch Tamakan

Tiefling Wizard looking for a practical method to destroy all humans.



Strength 11 Constitution 12 Fort Def 16 AC 17 HP 34
Dexterity 14 Intelligence 17 Reflex Def 17 Attack +7 vs Reflex Bloodied 17
Wisdom 15 Charisma 14 Will Def 19 Damage 1d6+6 Healing Surge 8




  • +1 Staff of Draconic Power
  • Bloodthread Cloth Armour
  • +2 Amulet of Protection
  • Feyfell Gloves?
  • Spiffy Dire Wolf Pelt Coat
  • +10 Phalus of Virgin Destruction

Moloch’s character development

After completing his training as a wizard, Moloch decided to specialise in arcane fire magic. He is attracted to the flame and has earned the nickname ‘firebug’.

Due to his actions during the encounter in the Shadow Haunt Mausoleum the townsfolk of Tordek’s Vale called him “The Banisher”.

During the purging of evil below Tordek’s Vale, the Rogue Wolves fought a horde of zombies in a long sealed tomb that was once a holy temple of Avandra. During that fight the terror of the undead seized Moloch and he was unable to set into the room, firing his magic missiles through the door from the hallway outside. The stench of death took it’s hold on him and he now has a minor phobia of the undead. He will not approach them willingly and will keep as much distance as possible while fighting them.

Moloch’s Past

As a young tiefling Moloch dreamed of becoming a luchador named Hellstorm but his mother had different ideas.

Together with his small octopus familiar, Squinky, he left home to train as a wizard.

Moloch’s tutor, Janus Saburuko took on Molochs training after being approached by Moloch’s mother who had noticed Moloch’s arcane afinity. (she also thought squinky was unusual too, but thought it best to just ignore the octopus.)

Molochs training went well and Moloch had also gotten involved in Janus’ interest inthe origins of the spell plague. Squinky was adamant he had nothing to do with it. There were other people who were also studying the spell plague and they had formed a research group to share information that each member found with the group.

Janus had a rival in Miles Visala and during an argument concerning Miles opinion that only humans should learn magic, Janus was killed. Miles fled to avoid punishment and was not seen from again.

Moloch went to train with a colleague of Janus’ named Taryn Gilpin, who lived in the next town.

After finishing his training Moloch and Squinky decided to head out to get some practical field use in magic and also to help the study circle find more information regarding the catalyst behind the plague.

While only a short time into his quest he came upon Tordek’s Vale..

Moloch Tamakan

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