The Raven Prince

He isn't quite who he appears to be.


A definite leader character. He uses his incredibly high charisma to trick or con others into doing his bidding. He also has very high intelligence, the better to trick others with; and high wisdom, to play the court game the better.


Hundreds of years old, the Raven Prince of Kanthyr took the title because of the close association he felt with the Raven Queen. Perhaps deluded, perhaps prophecy, he is convinced he is her emissary on the mortal plane. Definitely deluded, he believes her plans for him are for him to rule the feyworld.

Beginning with Kanthyr, he is a major rival for the throne, and is constantly jostling for it with the other nobles.

He is tall, boyish in appearance, and appears much younger than his years. He wears purple and black often, and toys with a red gem affixed always to his chest. He has black hair streaked on one side with white. He almost always wears a sneer.

The Raven Prince, the second son of the monarch, tried once long ago to gain the throne through foul sorceries. By kidnapping mortal children and sapping their energies, he planned to overthrow his parents and capture the seat of power for himself. However unlikely, the captain of the guard, Alistair Trevaalt, discovered this plot and revealed it to the monarch.

Though the Raven Prince was able to cover up his involvement, his spoiled plans angered him to the point where he encouraged his parents to exile that guardsman. Recently, he has become aware that Alistair is still alive, and has sent his own private assassins, the Black Flowers after him.

The Raven Prince

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