Tarrasol Greyspine

A Dragonborn without a past, living each day by the sword.



Strength 18 Constitution 15 Fort Def 19 AC 23 HP 48
Dexterity 14 Intelligence 10 Reflex Def 16 Attack +11 vs AC Bloodied 24
Wisdom 13 Charisma 10 Will Def 13 Damage 1d10+5 Healing Surge 14
  • Cleave
  • Tide of Iron
  • Dragon Breath
  • Covering Attack
  • Dance of Steel
  • Comeback Strike
  • Unstoppable
  • +1 Lightning Sword
  • +1 Dwarven Plate
  • Shield of Protection (Level 3)
  • Horned Helm
  • Healing Potions x3
  • Potion of Resistance



Physical Features and traits

Silver scales (rare amongst Dragonborn) with two vertical marks intersected by an L-shaped mark on his left cheek, wields a longsword and shield and adorned in plate mail. Doesn’t say much and prefers his sword to do the talking when fighting in combat. He is very loyal to his captain Thraxus Glauron and also to his new found friends.

Tarrasol’s Past

The first memory Tarrasol has of his life was around the age of 20 after waking up in an Inn in the town of Triel wearing only some commoners clothing. He remembers feeling very dizzy after he had awoke, like someone had used his head as a battering ram. He also remembers having a sharp pain on his left cheek, after some close inspection he finds that he has been scared with two vertical marks intersected by an L-shaped mark. After resting a few days Tarrasol decides to work as a local barman for the Inn at which he was staying.

One night after Tarrasol is leaving the Inn, he notices a local guard being assaulted on the street by some random thieves, without any hesitation he runs towards them and fights them off, he then helps the guard back to the local barracks and the captain there asks Tarrasol if he would be interested in some patrol work, Tarrasol accepts and proceeds to learn about the art of the sword and shield. After just a few months he becomes one of the best swordsmen in the region. A local captain of the region, named Thraxus Glauron hears rumors of this silver swordsman and decides to setup a meeting with Tarrasol. Once they meet Tarrasol is asked to show the captain his skill, Thrax is immediately impressed and asks Tarrasol to join his unit which he accepts.

Tarrasol Greyspine

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