Thraxus Glauron

Dragonborn Warlord



Strength 17 Constitution 14 Fort Def 17 AC 19 Initiatve 4
Dexterity 10 Intelligence 14 Reflex Def 15 Attack +8 vs AC Passive Percp 12
Wisdom 10 Charisma 17 Will Def 17 Damage 2d6+4 Passive Insight 12
HP 41 Bloodied 20 Healing Surge 12 Surges Per Day 9 Resistance None


+1 Maul: +8 vs AC – 2d6+4 Throwing Hammer: +7 vs AC – 1d6+3 Longbow: +4 vs AC – 1d10





Physical Features and traits

Crimson Scales. Wields a Maul and adorned in Exalted Chainmail armor. Often calls his comrades by nicknames.

Thraxus Glauron’s Past

Thraxus enjoys wandering with his companions and always is ready with some good advice and encouragement on the battlefield.

Thraxus was the Captain of a small company of soldiers who fought for the kingdom of Etengurd. His company was disbanded the local regions decided it was in their best interest to join the Etengurd Kingdom. The high ruler of Etengurd believed there was little need for his Company who were soldiers of war not guardsmen or patrol.

The High Ruler believed he could control the peace better by hiring men-at-arms who were less guided by honour and duty and more by coin and how much you could offer them. Though he kept his personal regiment of Paladins to defend the capitol city.

Thraxus Glauron

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