Plagues in the Planes

Tordek's Vale Politics
Brelog's a Dirty Liar No More

(This one can be about Alistair’s confrontation with Brelog to admit to Tordek’s Vale that he is not in fact a decendant of Tordek himself, but adopted, and then the whole “your so cool/we don’t care” thing after that guy tries to get Brelog removed as mayor)

That guy is actually Dunhill. To link people click on the PC/NPC link lookup tool to the bottom right and then select a character. Then highlight the box to copy and paste the link text.

Devlin Slain: Devils Remain
The gates of hell lay open

(this one can be about the fight after the portal opens and we fight the devils and stuff.)

Devlin: Torog Temple Encounter
Rats and Portals

So having defeated the wererats… It was time for the party to find that pesky Devlin and finish him off. For good. There were unexplored passageways back throughout the dungeon, but there were two perfectly good tunnels standing right infront of the party, and for avandras sake the could hold Wererat LOOT!

Suddenly Alistair decided there could be more loot in the trash, and dived right in to explore. Upon finding nothing he bathed in the freezing cold river. Then Haunt decided to check down the passageway on the left. His good hearing caught the sound of a woman crying, echoing down the tunnel. Without a moments hesitation or any inspection of the other tunnel the party proceeded down the first passage to save the day and defeat any vile creatures down there. And there could be LOOT!

The adventurers make their way down the passage and into a large chamber. The end of the chamber is dark and above Alistair notices some cages. A shrill voice spoke out of the darkness: “You would save me a lot of trouble if you just got into them yourselves…”. A dialogue begins between Devlin and the party… Suddenly, he flicks his wrist and the room plunges into darkness as every candle and torch goes out.

After a bloody battle Devlin is on the back foot (claw?). Haunt strikes and Devlin is in deep pain. Tarrasol charges and slices deep into his chest, he puts his foot up to the beast and draws his blade from it’s torso. Devlin falls into a crumpled heap. It is finished… Or is it…. Devlin still breathes and he cackles with his final words….. “Too late…… too late….” And is still.

After a short rest the party heals up and inspects the amulet they retrieved as well as some magic leather armour. It turns out to be Bloodcut Armour which Haunt claims. Also the party find a magic bag of holding.

Faint rumbles echo from deep in the rock. Moloch and Alistair sense the aura in the room is changing. A summoning ritual has been acted here and Devlins death on this stage has completed it. Something from the deep dark places is coming. A portal is opening in this very room. From beyond the portal, figures move… they are coming through.

Thraxus “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Were-rat River Chamber
This is Where Your Luck Runs Out, Were-rats

(this can be the one about the fight with the fleeing wererat group that we chase into the cavern beyond that pit-trap room that had part of the underground river flowing through it)

Were-rat Pit Trap Fight
Lock the Freed Prisoners in the Closet.

(this section can be after we free the prisoners and then go back for further investigation of the torture room only to surprise (and kill) some wererats from downstairs (who thought the coast was clear) and to follow them and have the fight with the pit traps and the fight in the cave/room beyond with the river)

Torog Torture Chamber
Rats, Ooze, Clay Gremlins oh my!

(this one can be about the fight in the torture chamber where we freed the prisoners and teased the thing in the hole a bit)

Undead Temple Party
The stench is tremendous...

(the fight with the undead and finding the secret closet with the two dead guys.
this was just before the torture chamber)

Beneath the NightCats Den
Beetles, Under My Carpet, Under My Feet.

(about the first time we went into the sewer and fought the beetles after the wise decision to split up)

NightCats Den
Go Into Their Homes and Wreck Up the Place

On emerging from the Town Hall, where the party spoke with Mayor Brelog concerning his fake ancestry, they were approached by a hooded figure, who invited them to the park after dark to meet with Kaynen, leader of The Ghost Wolves.

When they arrived in the park, the sun was setting over the horizon, and a lone figure waited for them in the middle of the park. He introduced himself as Kaynen to them, and told them a tale of the Ghost Wolves.

“Long ago, when Tordek first settled this valley, the Ghost Wolves were a group of monster hunters who protected this town. We fought against lycanthropes and monsters mainly, but had the occasional call to fight our fellow man. But time changes everything, and even as we aged, and the reigns passed from father to son, to my grandfather, to his son and then to me, a change happened.

“We went from being heroes to outlaws: protectors to mere mercenaries and thugs. The few of us who still call ourselves Ghost Wolves see this with heavy hearts. But what are we to do?

“And then recently, as this new ruffian group, this ‘Night Cats’, moved in, we have been dropped again in status to a warring thieves group. But then you come to our city, and perhaps it is fate, because you may be able to save us all.”

“How do you mean?” Haunt asked, confused.

“We heard that you are seeking out Devlin. So we have a common enemy. And I know you saved Nate’s sons a few weeks back, and for that I am grateful. For you see, I am Nate’s uncle. And so I can give you this advice: it is not only Devlin you must look out for. He is trouble, but Felicia, the old leader of the Night Cats is still around and she is just as bad.”

“Thank you,” Alistair said, “but we could appreciate any help more than advice. We need to get into their hideout.”

Kaynen considered a second and then nodded. “Then we will provide a distraction sufficient for you to sneak in. It will happen at sunrise tomorrow. Do not miss your chance.”

He looked like he wanted to ask something. The party waited.

“If I could ask one thing of you all?”

“Shoot,” Haunt said.

“Felicia wears about her neck an amulet. It has no magical power, it is an heirloom of mine she stole long ago. If you could retrieve that, I could not thank you enough.”

“We’ll see what we can do,” Alistair said. Then the parties dispersed.

Half a Candlemark Before Noon – the next day

The party approached the Night Cat’s safehouse and knocked on the door, using the codes Brelog had given them to enter. Their weapons were taken from them, and they were made to sit in an antechamber when the guards were distracted by fighting outside, and left. Left alone, the party entered the safehouse lounge, where a group of Night Cats sat at a table playing a game of chance.

Alistair approached them and was soon invited into the game. Using a combination of luck, trickery, and bluffing, he provoked a fight, which ended with the Night Cats knocked out. But the fighting drew the attention of Felicia and her two guards, and they burst into the room, attacking the party.

It was short but bloody, as Haunt rolled around to behind the Night Cats’ once leader and stabbed her in the back. She fell, the heirloom dangling around her neck dropping to the floor with a metallic pang.

Then, the fight over, the party took the bodies (some living, some dead) and dumped them into the armoury room. With the door locked, even if they regained consciousness they would not escape.

Ready for battle, Alistair peeked through the door and into a room with…

... nothing in it. Completely empty. “Hmm,” he said, confused.

They looked for many minutes, unable to find anything but a large table and a fireplace. Haunt made the joking remark that there would be a secret passage in the fireplace, and pressed against a stone. He jumped back suddenly as the grating of stone on stone alerted them to the opening of a secret portal down under the town.

Debating if they should go in, the party looked down into the darkness.

Brelog's Plea
You are Tordek's heir; not Tordek himself.

The party make their ways to the Town Hall where Mayor Brelog works during the day. It is a single story wooden structure with a main entrance hall that town meetings are held in. It is large enough to fit over 500 people inside. Though at the moment it is empty except for a lone clerk near the entrance.

The clerk looks up as the party enters. “Welcome, what is your business today?”

“We’ve come to speak with Brelog,” Thrax replies, “He’s expecting us.”

“Ah, Captain Finthor alerted me that you might be coming by, right this way please,” He says, leading the group to a doorway at the front of the hall. “The last door on the right is Brelogs,” the clerk says, knocks on the door, and leads them inside.

A dwarf sits behind the desk looking down at his notes. A fireplace burns in the corner, and other than that the only light in the room is a candle lit at his desk. He looks occupied and as he reads over a note on his desk. He looks up and his expression changes, he smiles and welcomes them in.

“What can I do for you, gentlemen?” He asks, “You are new in town, yes? I know every face in Tordek…”

“I don’t doubt it,” Alistair says. “But if that is the case, then you haven’t left this office for a while. We’ve been here at least two weeks. In that time, I can definitely say I’ve been disappointed. I came to Tordeksvale looking for a break, but all I found was kidnapping, murder, and treason. This town seems to be out of control.”

Brelog begins to speak in defence of his city, but Alistair interrupts. “No no, don’t you worry yourself.” He waves a hand in front of the mayor. “See, ‘out of control’ is where I thrive. This town needs a metaphorical cleaning, and we’re the ones to do that. Oh, I apologise! I haven’t introduced myself. How rude! My deepest. My name is Alistair Trevaalt, emissary of the Raven Queen. These are my compatriots, Thraxus, Tarrasol, Haunt, and Moloch. Now tell me, where shall we begin?”

The mayor takes this offer with astonishment, “Ahh.. I.. I seem to be at a disadvantage,” he stutters, “You’ve come to clean up this town? Who do you intend to clean? The people of this town are a good people. I.. uhhh.. how did you come to end up in my office?”

“Yes, they are good people.” Alistair continues. “I quite enjoyed my stay, up until being ambushed by one of Tordeksvale’s friendly gangs. Now I don’t mind if there are rival gangs. Good on them, etching a living out of poverty. Unfortunately however, especially for Mikal – one of your guardsmen, if you remember his face – the gangs have decided to turn to killing soldiers. Mikal’s partner Dunnlis was lucky to escape with his life.”

“I mean, yes, sure, it was Mikal’s time to go. He was young, but we must all face the winter in our lives. My only concern is for the protection of this town, should its very guards, already stretched to breaking point, be the targets of malicious street gangs. You know who and what I am talking about, don’t you? Please tell me they haven’t gotten to you too.”

Brelog’s face pales at hearing of the fate of Mikal. He looks ready to break. “I’ve put my life into make my great-grandfather’s greatest achievement become something to be even prouder of,” he says. He hardly seems to believe it anymore. “Tordek fought to save this valley, he always put others before himself. I… I… would do the same. But the war has been different for me. I’ve made this place safer, I know it. And my ‘political’ opponent is nothing but a fool that would stretch our resources so thin that we would fall before a season had past. This town needs me… I know it… but at what cost?”

Alistair gets a flash of inspiration. He remembers hearing about Tordek and his companions last stand against demonic forces that attempted to enslave this entire region. Tordek himself threw down the evil being Bezgarlul, and with a stroke of his hammer smote him. Sending him back into the abyss. Since then Tordek and his line of ancestors have lead the survivors, broken off from the rest of the realm, here in Tordek’s vale.

n the years that followed, Tordek rallied the people and made a home for themselves here. Other forces of evil have spread in during the dark times and the land was even more dangerous then than it is today. Hobgoblin raids became frequent and if not for the valour and leadship of Tordek, the people would have fallen or fled long ago.

His name is held in such high regard that it is a large part of why Brelog so easily took the position of Mayor, as his heritage is known by all in the town and it has spread a small way to local villages via merchants and travellers.

“Be that as it may,” Haunt jumped in, “but recently the villagers have been looking for some way out of their current strife, and most of them are shifting the blame on to you. That naive politician running against you is looking better every day that this trouble continues. We’re just here to help.”

“No! That will be terrible for this town! I can’t let it happen! I won’t let it happen. But what am I to do?” He looks at the five adventurers. His posture changes, his shoulders relax as if a great weight had suddenly lifted from his shoulders.

Dismissing the clerk, Brelog opens up, “I now will trust you five with a secret. You are not from this town, so it may not shock you as deeply, but you should understand the potential repercussions.

“I am not Tordek’s heir… well legally I am, but not in blood.”

“There, it is spoke. Let my fate be in your hands. But first let me tell you the full story: Tordek’s line was broken, he had a son, Torlek. And Torlek had a son, Brelek. But Brelek had no son. His wife was lost during the year of the red winter. During that terrible time, when the Hobgoblin raids seemed unstoppable, many good people died. My parents were some of those good people. Brelek, son of Torlek, son of Tordek, found me in the ruins of what was my families village. He adopted me in secret and raised me as his own son. I didn’t find out the truth until he was on his deathbed and I was already seated as Mayor of Tordek’s Vale.

“The people elected me for the blood they thought ran through my veins. I was brought up with the ideals and honour that Tordek lived by, and I would give anything to keep the Tordek name in it’s rightful place of honour in the history books. But I am his legal heir in name only.

“I kept my secret and the town continued as it had, safe enough considering the lands we live in. Until a stranger came to see me and told me he had come across some interesting documents. He knew my secret and threatened to expose me. He blackmailed me and his price did not seem to high at first.

“He said his name was ‘Devlin’ and he had wares he wanted to sell and wanted the freedom to do so unnoticed. He didn’t want any guards asking questions about him. He also wanted to be able to discreetly transport goods out of the town. Of course he wanted some gold as well, but that was hardly surprising. And that was all I heard from him… at first.

“Then came the reports of new faces in the town, then a rise in the number of fights. Then I heard that the local thug squad the Nightcats have taken a step up and are challenging the Ghost Wolves. Today I was trying to figure out what to do as you just entered my room. It seems Captain Finthor has reported some people missing. And now you tell me one of our own men is dead.

“When the first reports of new people in the town began I went back to see Devlin, who had become head of the Nightcats.” Brelog chuckled bitterly, “They nicknamed him Whiskers. He saw me and assured me at the time that there was nothing to worry about and reminded me of the power he had over me by knowing of my heritage.

“I’ve come to know in the past couple of days that I made a grave mistake. This man is behind everything, he operates from the shadows, using Felicia and her Nightcats as a blunt instrument.

“I don’t know where you five have come from, but I believe I know who you are. Are you not the five who rescued Nate’s sons? I apologies for not having thanked for that deed weeks ago, but I have been concerned for my entire town. And you are right, lately I shut myself inside here in the gloom to escape the world. If you were brave enough to rescue those boys, perhaps you are also noble enough to rescue a fool of a dwarf and the people who he has put in jeopardy?

“Will you keep my secret and stop Devlin? His are sinister deeds, I know it now in my heart. If none of these are reason enough then I will also pay 100 gold pieces to each of you, a total of 500 gold, if you can restore order to my town.

“Will you aid us in our hour of direst need?” He finishes in a huff, face red and eyes tired.

“You can keep your reward to me,” Alistair says. “These are tough times and I am well-set for gold right now. The people of this town need the money more than I do. There is something you can do though. Your ancestors fought hard to keep this town safe, first from demons, then from the hobgoblins. You may not be their blood descendant, but I see the same fire that ran through their veins smouldering behind your eyes. And what do you do with it? You sit cooped up doing paperwork and hiding yourself from the town.

“You must show them that you are worthy of the role you hold. That you are not just Tordek’s heir, but are a man in your own right! End this blackmail, and help us root out this threat to Tordek’s legacy. Cast away these rival gangs. And then admit to your subjects the knowledge you guard so secretly, so that none can ever use it against you again, and so that you might find a new foundation to rule upon. Not a false one as you do now.”

Brelog thinks long and hard over this. Finally, he replies. “You are right, the time has come to come out from the shadow my ancestors, and cast aside my sorrows. But I can’t do this too soon.” He holds up a hand to stop Alistair interrupting.

“If I were to reveal myself and expose Devlin, who knows what might happen? The people might attempt to rise up against them, and many may be lost. Innocent people may turn on each other in suspicion. Trust will be lost and the town may turn to ruin. Sometimes I believe Devlin wants me to do this very thing you suggest.

“It must be done. I must let go of this burden, but not at the cost of my people. Once Devlin is stopped I believe the time will be right for me to let the light of truth fall on all that has happened. Then the people can judge as they see fit.

“I can help you to find him and I even know a way you can get inside a little easier. And once this is done, and he is captured or dead, then I will reveal my secret to the town.”

“In that case,” Alistair says, “I will take you at your word. Point me in his direction,” he opens his fingers and lets a small amount of Eldritch energy crackle between them. “We need to have words with him.”


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