Black Flowers

The Black Flowers are an elite assassin group of Eladrin. They formed as an offshoot of an ancient assassin guild, which was disbanded after certain legal difficulties and because their leader’s identity was revealed.

Soon after, the members who remained reformed the group, but without the resources of the previous incarnation they were near-powerless. However, they fell under the attentions of The Raven Prince, a high ranking noble in the court of Kanthyr. Using his resources, they became his private assassination death squad, seeking out political (and romantic) rivals and ensuring their silence through (usually) fatal means.

Amongst their number is: Neith, a dark-haired, dark-skinned warrior who is considered to be more panther than eladrin (now deceased); Teval, a bard who uses his magic to enchant others and make them do his bidding; and Celisa, a warlock of darkness and shadow. Those are the rumours, anyhow. There are perhaps many more in the group, whose names or identities nobody knows.

The Raven Prince has let loose at least one of these assassins (Neith) on Alistair Trevaalt; tying up a loose end and making sure a potential rival with revenge in his heart will not return to cause trouble. Though a deadly fight, Neith underestimated how powerful Alistair and his allies had become. Neith the panther was defeated and killed.

Black Flowers

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