The Gray Vale

This region contain is the home to dangerous and interesting places such as the White Wood, Tordeks Vale, Suun and other geographical features such as the Gray Flow river and The Barren Peaks.

History DC 10
The Elves of old once inhabited the White Wood and it was a place of extreme beauty. They disappeared and in more recent years the forest has become a wilder more savage place.

History DC 15
During the great plague wars, the Elves came to the aid of King Eberk Goldheart of the Barren Peak Mountain Dwarves.

History DC 20
When the forces of evil and chaos overwhelmed the forces of good in the Gray Vale, the Elves cast a ward over the mountain fortress to protect the great artifacts and secrets held within. It is said many dwarves remained inside to defend the great city. The Elves then retreated into the White Wood never to be seen from again.


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