Memorable Quotes

A few funny moments to remember.

  • A band of goblins has just been driven off by the party and a group of guards approaches them, surveying the destruction. “You there!” The lead one shouts. “I’m not with them,” Moloch says instantly. “You did this?” The guard asks the entire party, stunned. “Yes I did.” Moloch replies.
  • DM: You are exhausted from your journey through the freezing cold woods. Take an endurance check or lose a healing surge. Shannon: I would like to use diplomacy explain to the party they are not tired and don’t need to take an endurance check.

Or in Character:

The party has just walked hours through the freezing cold White Wood. Over rough rocky terrain, through knee deep snow blistering winter storm winds. By the end of it all they are all exhausted and their energy is so drained they are on the verge of taking injury from it. To help shake it off Alistair decides not a warm bath, not a hearty meal, neigh they won’t aid these weary hunters… Only the diplomatic negotiating skills of an ex-noble Eladrin can help you to realise your not as tired as your body demands you are.

Memorable Quotes

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