Five adventurers brought together by chance. Some are running, some searching, some just wandering the lands.

Alistair Trevaalt the Eladrin Warlock, a teleporting swordsman banished from the kingdom he served nobly. Moloch Tamakan the Tiefling Wizard, who searches for his former teacher’s killer. Haunt the Tiefling Rogue, on the run and searching for an old friend. Thraxus Glauron the Dragonborn Warlord, who wanders the land after his company of soldiers disbanded. And Tarrasol Greyspine the Dragonborn Fighter, with no memory beyond 2 years and a carved scar on his cheek the only thing left of his past.

History of Toril

The surrounding kingdoms were torn asunder after the spell plague tore open the earth and the portals opened from below and above, spewing demons and devils alike out of the maw that drew all surrounding life down into it.

Forests and cities fell into the flaming rivers of the nine hells, parts of the underdark rose up and claimed entire regions as their own. The lands grew dark and fear took hold of all but a few.

Heroes of Toril and the heavens fought back against the darkness. They drove then down and sealed the gateways shut, but the damage had been done and evil now lurked throughout the land, hidden in hills, forests and beneath the mountains. The people of Toril retreated into the safety of the surviving larger settlements and the allied kingdoms of Toril broke down and become segregated fortresses that kept their own people safe and cared little for the surrounding regions.

After a time, merchant families grew bold once more and braved the untamed lands in an attempt to restart the old trade routes and capitalise on the needs of supplies for survival in this new world. Many failed to understand the dangers that waited for them beyond the walls of their towns. The few merchants that have succeeded do so at the cost of many mercenaries and swords for hire.

Today the lands remain a wild and dangerous place.

Plagues in the Planes

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