Plagues in the Planes

Stepping Up for Selune Pt. 2
Into the Trollhaunt (what?)

We head out into the Trollhaunt and after walking fairly aimlessly but kinda south-east we see three light up ahead. We see that they are will-o’-wisp’s and so we fight

Rogue Wolves vs. 3 will-o’-wisp’s amd 3 Chuul. Fight!!

to be continued…

Stepping Up for Selune Pt.1
Approach and Enter

We leave Luskan using Phantom Steed and take 5 days to almost reach Selune’s Step. We camp for the night and nothing happens. Woot.

The next day we head towards Selune’s Step and see some activity down the road. We approach and see some trolls are fighting over a dead horse. Haunt gets a bit closer and see’s there is also a rider so we spring into action.

Rogue Wolves vs. 5 Trolls and an Oni. Fight!! (spicy description of Molochs awesomeness)

As the Oni dies he briefly appears as the rider that the trolls killed before reverting to it’s normal form. After examining the body we recover a letter address to Baron (Something) notifying him that his son Etheran has been killed, the trolls are in possession of his families ancestral sword and that Selune’s Step needs help urgently. Looking at the rider’s body we surmise he is a messenger (named Perrel) and he didn’t get far out of town before being ambushed. The message was from Kelana, Mayor of Selune’s Step.

We continue on to Selune’s Step and on arrival ask direction to the mayor and are told she is in the keep at the top of the hill. We go and tell her of Perrel and that we are the aid Immeral sent. She is upset by the former and seems unimpressed by the latter (we’ll show her!), wanting an army to come help. She explained the situation about the Baron’s son Etheran and his party to us and we tell her we will help in any way possible.

We then go to the Cloudwatch Inn and see Bax and meet Cham the owner.

Tarrasol talks to Bax, Alistair talks to Cham.

Alistair and Moloch go see Rualiss and learn some history but not much else. The old Troll Kingdom was named Vardar and rulled by a troll named Vard. The new troll trying to rebuild the kingdom is named Skalmad.

Tarrasol and Haunt see a ranger and learn stuff, including something about a missing farm boy.

We venture forth..

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The Eladrin Emissary
Talk of dangerous quests in The Cutlass Tavern

With subtle movements designed not to draw attention, Alistair hides his armour and sword of the Kanthyr city guard with the hem of his cloak. He stands up, pushing aside the cup of drink and bows lightly to Immeral. His eyes never leave the Elder’s. A confused look plays across Alistair’s face. “What are you doing here?”

Immeral: “First, let me introduce my companion, this is Carric of the Brightwood, south of Kanthyr.’ His eyes turn slightly towards Tarrasol and Haunt as he mentions the location of Brightwood. The elf accompanying Immeral appears to be a ranger from the Feywild. Though from the look of some of his clothing it appears he is no stranger to the mortal world. You don’t recognize him but by the looks of him he is acting as guide and bodyguard for Immeral.

Immeral: “As to why I am here… I have come to ask…” he pauses and locks stares with Alistar “… to ask for your help.”

Alistair’s eyes open wide as he hears this. Then the confused look remains, gradually replaced with anger as he comes out of the bow and sits back down. “You exiled me from the one place in the worlds that I hold dear. Allowed Kelagan to throw me out. I have not seen my family in years. Why should I wish to help you?”

Immeral looks about at the five of you, then settles once again on Alistair. “Because, you five have a reputation of being a force to be reckoned with…because you Alistair have connections on this world that we do not… and…”

Without breaking eye contact, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small object. He rolls it between his fingers once and then flicks it onto the table infront of Alistair…

“Because you may be the only hope for all that you hold dear…”

Alistair looks down to at the object on the table… It was a small thing, but he recognized it immediately. He hadn’t seen it since his last visit to the feywild. It is his Guard Captain Signet ring.

After a moments pause Immeral explains further…

“I know you last left that with a wood elf hunter who lived in a forest village beyond the Cloudmoor, west of our city. He delivered it to your ex-lieutenant and brother in law, Rairdon. That’s how we found you… your link to this possession allowed us to track you here. Despite the unresolved issues of your past, I have come to ask you to discover what is happening in the the mortal world town of Selunes Step.”

Alistair takes the ring between his forefinger and thumb and examines it. “What does a faertei such as yourself care for a mortal city?” He rolls the ring down his fingers into his palm and closes a fist around it. The leather of his gloves audibly stretches around the ring. Alistair looks from his fist to Immeral’s eyes, trying to perceive some notion of purpose there within.

Immeral in Eladrin: “Faertei! Interesting coming from one who makes claims of conspiracy without proof. The power balance still remains unaligned.”

Then return to the Common tongue: “The question is fair however. As you know we have little concern for the dealings of the mortal world, generations pass by in the blink of an eye. Their plights are often trivial in the grander scheme of the cosmos. However Selunes Step is built around the gateway it is named after. A Gateway to the feywild that opens not far from Kanthyr. We have trade dealings with them, and the safety of the gate is of importance to our realm.”

He turns and gestures to the Elf Ranger.

“Carric here has come to Kanthyr to inform us of unusual happenings near the Luna Gate which sits on the sourthern boarders of Brightwood in the Feywild, and we have reports from our contact in Selunes Step that there have been increased troubles with creature attacks. We of the council have performed divination rituals to try and determine the source of these troubles. But something is blocking our attempts from the feywild. We believe something is stirring, and Rairdon has come to me speaking of you being wrongly judged.”

“Now this remains to be proven, but you are in a position to do some good for the city the holds the people you love. Also, if you can help us discover what is happening, it would go a long way towards helping prove you put our people first before yourself. I could even speak for you.”

Alistair mulls over the words, sits back thinking. The ring in his hand dances between his fingers in a dextrous dance. He looks down at his hands, where the ring of power he acquired long ago has replaced his guard-captain ring’s place on his finger. Then he shifts the captain ring in his hand and slips it over the same finger on his other hand.

“I am willing to help, but I will not do this alone, and I will not leave my companions. If they do not wish it, they do not have to come.” Alistair turns in his seat, knowing full well that Moloch is listening to the conversation, and addresses the party. “This is not your fight. That said, I can’t do this without you all. Shall we go to Selunes Step?”

Tarrasol thinks for a moment, then looks up at Alistair and say, “If this path leads you to your freedom and your family, then you have my Hammer.” He then raises his glass to show his support.

Thrax silently nods his approval of Tarrasols words. He then speaks his famous Inspiring Word to the party “Hammer-time.”

The City of Sails, Luskan.
A retched hive of scum and villiany...

Gathering your possessions and newly found treasure, you begin the long trek back to Heafstags camp. Your sure the Barbarian chief and his Shaman will be happy to hear of what has transpired. After two days of walking across the floating island you return to the barbarian camp with a warm welcome from Solly.

He, unlike usual, is in his true form and looks at you all with a deep grin on his near feature-less face. “_Thought I was going to have to come and rescue you lot again._”

After some groans from the party and a look of disbelief from Tarrasol and Solly’s unusual way of remember past events, he reminds Solly that after the teaming up in the thieves den that he saved Solly’s hide on the docks of Waterdeep.

You inform Heafstag and his Shaman of the truth behind the death and ‘rebirth’ of Frostwing. You then recite the passage the Silver Dragon Spectre told you. The Shaman agrees that the Spider Queen likely refers to the demon queen of spiders, Lolth. Though you points out talking to good Gods is no easy task, and Lolth is about as far from good as they come. After some celebrations that last two days straight, Captain Deudermont informs you that the island is completing the airborne part of it’s cycle and the Seasprite will be able to put out to sea again within the hour. You hastily pack your gear and return to the ship, eager to get to Luskan and enjoy some of the comforts a large city can provide while spending some of your hard earned coin.

The remainder of the trip is peaceful, Moloch and Alistair spend a fair share of their time discussing the new rituals they have found. Thrax and the Captain discuss affairs in the various cities along the coast and the history of the area. Tarrasol lends a hand with the sailing of the ship and is well liked by the crew. They are amazed as pulls a rope to set a sail that would usually require three men to maneuver. Finally Haunt and Solly teach each other a few tricks that only people in ‘the trade’ would know. Also Solly helps Haunt perfect a new method of combat with his dagger that is guaranteed to cause the Thieves Guild leader ‘Noble’ some trouble in the future. A week later and they arrive at Luskan, the City of Sails. The atmosphere of the city is completely different to the city of splendors, Water Deep. People are guarded and unfriendly. Saying the wrong words in the wrong tavern and people end up missing, founds days later floating face down in the harbour, or flowing out one of the sewer outflows. The party lay low and try to appear as common mercenaries, staying at ‘The Cutlass’ tavern. They enjoy some ale, wine, food, gambling and warm beds.

A month passes, and then on a stormy night, a figure enters from the rain and shakes off his wet cloak.

As he removes the cowl of his cloak, it is clear for all to see that he is an elf. He stands tall for an elf, 6 foot at the least. A longbow is slung across his back and as he turns to scan the room you see the glint of an elven blade beneath his cloak. His finishes his inspection and then his eyes return to your table. He seems to count each of you out, not stopping till he has finally spotted Moloch in the corner booth sitting across from Solly and Thraxus, smoking pipe weed, glowing embers revealing his concern. Unlike the rest of the vagrants that fill The Cutlass, this green cloaked figure bears weapons of strong fey magic, and theirs auras radiate out to Moloch like a beacon.

The elf alters his stance a little and moves a hand to the clasp of his cloak, and suddenly the magic auras fade, the glow recedes. He turns back towards the doorway and nods to someone out of sight, turns back and confidently strides towards your main table where Tarrasol, Alistair and Haunt sit staring over their drinks.

After a moments pause, he steps aside and from behind him steps an Eladrin male that looks and feels completely out of place in The Cutlass in every possible way. From his fine crafted boots, to his deep regal cloak, he is a Luskan thief’s dream catch. Tarrasol’s head reflexively turns to Alistair, the parties nominated fey ambassador, and see’s a look on his face that is a mix of confusion, curiosity and anger.

Eladrin: “So, I can see you’ve not forgotten me Alistair, as we have not forgotten you.”

Tarrasol: “Who is this guy Alistair?

Alistair recovers from his shock and searches for the right words to explain.

Alistair: “Elder Immeral… of Kanthyr. He was on the council that decided upon my banishment… in fact… he lead it.

Frostwing's Fate
The heroic battle with the Dracolich

The party makes it’s way deeper into Frostwings lair. As they navigate the chilled corridors they notice bones and the occasional whole skeleton encased within the ice walls. There is a strange feeling about the halls of Frostwings lair, an underlying sense of the incongruous.

As Moloch looks closer at the walls the necrotic elements, bones, frozen flesh carvings seem to form some kind of pattern. There is also a deeper pattern engraved in the ice that does not match the undead designs. It seems like it was crafted well before the bones were put in place. There is a hidden beauty to these halls, now that you are looking for it you see how magnificent this place would have been before death claimed it.

Alistair and Moloch discuss the religious implications of what they can see. They determine the bones have been built into the walls as part of a grander design. They look ritualistic. There are Runes carved from bone hidden in the pattern, Moloch can read several references to the prince of the undead. The Demon Orcus holds that title.

The party moves on until they notice something ahead. From around the corner of the corridor a faint light glows, the occasional shuffle and mumble can be heard along with a repetitive scraping sound.

Haunt peaks around the corner. There are humanoid guards near a huge set of doubles doors carved from ice 60 feet away. A large gong stands near the wall to the left of the doors. One guard sleeps by the Gong. Two others stand near the door talking and a fourth guard sits facing away from Haunt 20 feet away. He appears to be sharpening his axe with a whetstone. The two near the door stand slouched and the closer guard fusses over his weapon like a raw recruit. They do not look like they would cause you much trouble, but the gong forebodes greater danger.

The party sneak up on the guard and dispatch of the with a lightning fast display of swordplay and magic. The final Kobold sharpening his axe looks up as his 3 companions are obliterated by fire, psychic might and a throwing hammer to the head. He tries to call for help but no sound comes forth, he looks down and a dagger protrudes from his chest, Haunt on the other end of it. He looks up in time to see a mean looking Silverdragon born crush his face into the wall with his Warhammer.

Chanting can be heard coming from beyond the Ice Doors. The Party search the area and discover a magic symbol on the floor linked to the ice doors, and a side chamber that serves as a torture room. After further inspection Moloch determines that it was only recently converted to such purpose and that it previously was an alchemical lab and wizards chamber. He flips through the pages of a book and finds references to the Dragon Gods Bahamut and Tiamat, good and evil respectively, though in what context is not clear.

Meanwhile Haunt discovers a small hole in the wall near the ceiling that leads through the wall. A trap is set in the chute to collapse it and alert those behind the Ice Doors. He disables it and come to the end of the chute which is blocked by solid ice bars. The room beyond appears empty, with a single passageway leading out of it, however, at 1 minute intervals a black robes figure passes by, chanting a ritual.

Alistair decides to risk teleporting into the room beyond the ice doors in an attempt to open them from the inside while Moloch attempts to open them from the outside with a ritual. As the seconds tick away Alistair struggles with a mechanism to open the door. He manage to open it just in time as the black robed figure returns. The cultist is not overly disturbed at seeing the doors opening, assuming it to be the guards entering, however Alistair did not have time to teleport back through the bars into the chute.

As the huge ice doors slowly slide upward into the ceiling Alistair scrambles for cover behind a stalagmite to hide. Unfortunately he lands hard and crunches the ice beneath him heavily. The Robed cultist approaches to find the source of the noise. Alistair attempts to shimmy around the stalagmite to avoid detection but doesn’t anticipate the robed figure changing direction at the last second to look around the left side of the stalagmite and straight into Alistairs face.

After a moments pause on both sides Alistair thrust his longsword deep into the Cultists throat, silencing him before he can call for help. By now the doors have opened and the rest of the party have joined Alistair.

Alistair looks at the his companions with an expression of: “Hey, yeah, what ya think of that” Tarrasol smiles grimly at his handywork, while Moloch grumbles about his missed chance to show off his arcane prowess. Haunt has a thought to remind Alistair of the trap he disabled, but before he has a chance to mention it Thrax says, “OK, Whats the plan of attack”

Haunt sneaks ahead and scopes out the chamber beyond. It is a large, 50 feet high and 300 feet across. Stalactites and Stalagmites are dotted along the ceiling and floor. Several gullies 30 feet deep run across the room with steep icy bridges spanning them up. They are at the lowest point in the room which has a gradual slope up to the highest point in the opposite corner. Atop this high point a dragonborn cultist of Orcus his performing a ritual which fills the party with a feeling of dread, several other cultists a scattered throughout the large chamber adding their energy to the power of the ritual.

The party sneak around the perimeter of the room, but Tarrasol makes too much noise and stays apart from the rest of the group. Haunt sneaks up behind a cultist and plunges his dagger in beneath the upraised armpit of the cultist, piercing his heart and killing him instantly. Immediately the chanting in the room ceases and all eyes turn towards the adventurers.

Before anyone of the cultists can react the adventurers spring into action, cutting down and immolating several of the cultists. The Dragonborn Cultist points his staff out towards them and shouts, “KILL THEM! Feed their souls to the our master!”

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Frostwing's Lair
The Frozen Fortress

Frosthawks, Hill Giant and Gargoyle.

Undead Dragon Beasts, Death Shard.

Ghouls, Wights, Chillborn Zombie Barbarian and Zombie Hulk.

The Floating Island
It's the only way to fly...

Aboard the Sea Sprite, life is good. Captain Duerdmonte and his crew enjoy their lot in life and it isn’t long before the adventurers are rigging sails, gambling and drinking ale. Solly the lovable Changeling Rogue of the Sea Sprite keeps things entertaining with his endless stories and constant larks.

After two weeks sailing the Captain informs the crew and adventurers that they will be making a stop at an island to do some trading for rare minerals found on the island. Upon putting to shore in the landing craft the Captain and adventurers discover that the small coastal village has been sacked. Alistair and Moloch determine that a large creature, possibly a dragon, attacked the town. They find areas of vegetation completely drained of life and bodies frozen solid. It is Moloch’s belief that a Cold Aligned dragon has been reborn as a dracolich and is attacking the inhabitants of the Island.

At this point a group of island natives, large barbarian men, arrive to at the site. They ask of the parties motives and invite them to come back to their village. There, the Chief Heafstag of the Tribe of the Elk and his Shaman inform them of Frostwing, a white dragon of this island whom they slayed recently. The Shaman reveals to Alistair that he tried to speak with Frostwings spirit and believes he is responsible for the creatures return as an undead monstrosity.

Meanwhile, the island that they are on turns out to be an earth mote that cycles between being semi submerged in the sea and floating in clouds. It is now changing cycles and returning to the sky.

The adventurers offer to deal with the Frostwing, and set out across the now floating island to find Frostwings lair. As the island gains altitude the warm forests rapidly cool. Some strange aura emanates from the island and keeps the vegetation alive as it quickly frozen and covered with thick frost.

As the adventures cross a chasm by rope that opens out to the sea thousands of feet below, a troll and several beasts attack the party. After dispatching and Owlbear, Alistair and Tarrasol maneuver the Troll to the edge of the Chasm and knock it in. It falls beyond sight through the clouds.

By late that evening the adventurers locate Frostwings Lair high in the mountains. They decide to make camp in a nearby cave, but soon discover it is already inhabited by Trolls and Ogres. The adventurers discover the dead bodies of barbarians from Heafstags Elk Tribe. This is all the justification the party needs to begin a bit of housecleaning. Soon the Ogres and Trolls and dispatched along with their pet Displacer Beast.

After a restless night on the cave floor, the party wake at dawn to begin their attack on Frostwings Lair.

Amber's Revenge
It's a trap!

The note turns out to be a trap by Amber.

Backstory of Haunt, Morrain and Amber: Haunt (Male Tiefling), Morraine (Female Shifter) and Amber (Male Warforged) were amateur thieves and old friends. They took a contract to steal some artifacts from an Assassin Guild. The Thieves Guild that gave them the contract sent their second in command (and Son to the Guild Master) ‘Noble’ the ironically named Tiefling.

After sneaking into the Assassins headquarters, and locating the weapon artifacts, Noble double crossed the three rogues and attacked them. Amber lost and eye and fell out of the 2nd story window, Morraine and Haunt fought off Noble, but he escaped with a Frost Rapier Relic ‘Winter Shard’. Haunt and Morraine found Amber outside near death. They stabilized him but were forced to leave him as the authorities had arrived to investigate. Haunt and Morraine went their separate ways, keeping on the run.

10 years later: Haunt is still on the move, until he meets up with Tarrasol, Alistair, Moloch and Thraxus to form an adventuring party. He has heard rumours of a Warforged with an Amber Gemstone on his chest that is operating with an assassins guild, he has also heard that Morraine is living somewhere on the Sword Coast of Toril. Noble’s father has died and he has become the new master of the thieves guild of Calimport. END BACKSTORY

The letter Haunt received from Morraine was a fake. Amber sent it as part of a trick to use Haunt to find Morraine. Once Haunt had followed Morraines trail to her hideout in the hills outside Waterdeep, Amber struck. He was now part of the Assassins guild that they had tried to Rob. He, along with 6 other Assassins, attacked the adventurers while shouting accusations at them. During his outbursts he mentioned the Assassins guilds new allegiance with Noble’s Thieves Guild and how Noble had told everyone that Haunt had escaped with the Frost Rapier ‘Winter Shard’.

Haunt and Morraine with the help of the rest of the party convinced Amber that Noble had taken the rapier. He accepted their apology for leaving him and offered to find out more information on Noble from within the Assassins Guild. He said the Assassins Guild would likely continue to hunt them until he had proven Noble’s Guilt. From their they again went their seperate ways, Morraine said she would keep on the move near the sword coast and that she would keep an eye out for them, Amber said he would contact them in Luskan when he had more information on Noble. Haunt left with his companions on the Sea Sprite for a sea voyage north toward Luskan and The Spine of the World.

To Waterdeep
We are in over our heads...

The party venture to waterdeep after recieving a note from an old friend of Haunts. The female shifter, Morraine seems to be in need of his help.

Shadow from the past - The Black Rose
... the feywild is lost to me... I am forgotten...

Three weeks after the destruction of the portal, repairs are coming along well in the city of Tordek. Things are slowly returning to a state of normality, though for generations to come the people of this city will be marked by the events that transpired.

Alistair, with the aid of Thraxus, convinced the rest of the party to lend a helping hand with the repairs. Tarrasol has even been training some new guardsmen, with Thrax overseeing. On the 25th day since the demons were driven back, Alistair has taken a break from directing repairs on the library. He has come, at Tarrasols request to give the new recruits a bit of a show. Haunt and Moloch arrive late to catch the end of a friendly duel.

Haunt spots a figure spying from a nearby rooftop and climbs up to investigate. When he reaches the roof no one is in sight but a small wooden carving of an eladrin holding a sword in triumph is left on the ground near some wood shavings.

Back in the courtyard the rookies are amazed at the swordsmanship and applaud each time Alistair escapes Tarrasols swirling net of blade and shield using his teleportation powers

The day wanes and evening approaches. Even after so much destruction twilight in the Vale has a certain beauty to it. The Guardsmen say their farewells for the night as you depart for the Auburn Raven. Where you have been staying these past few weeks. The thought of some of Old Sandy’s Hotpot Stew makes your stomach growl. Not to mention the thought of Old Sandy’s daughter serving it to you making other parts of you growl.

You walk through a part of town that was hit hardest by the demonic onslaught. The streets are as quiet as the grave. Ahead Haunt sees a small object in the centre of the road. Tarrasol investigates and calls back that he has found a dagger with a black rose bound to it with chord.

Alistair immediately draws his longsword and asks Tarrasol if he is sure the rose is black, which Tarrasol confirms. Before Alistair can give any more warning a black robbed figure appears on a nearby roof top and blue light shines from the end of a wand he is wielding. Haunt and Moloch had spotted him as before he cast his spell and quickly launch spell and dagger at him. The black clothed assassin finishes his spell and launches a blue orb of light at Tarrasol, which sends flashes of pain through his muscles and teleports him further away from the party into a the ankle deep water of a nearby fountain.

More assassins in black appear from various alleyways and a large panther charges Haunt, knocking him to he ground before darting away.

Thrax: “Hit and Run tactics! Be careful!”

To confirm Thraxus fears, another black clothed figure darts out from behind a wall. He alternates between running on two feet and leaping over obstacles using all four limbs like a cat. He charges Moloch who stands alone behind the rest of the party. At the last second he darts to the right and steps around Moloch swiping twice with Claw shaped Katars attached to his wrists.

Alistair recognises this assassin from rumours he had heard when he was a soldier in the city of Kanthyr within the Feywild Realm. He is Neith and he is dangerous.

These assassins are The Black Flowers, likely sent by The Raven Prince.

Alistair has not forgotten the hatred of the so called Raven Prince, obviously he hasn’t forgotten Alistair either.

Two eldritch knights, cloaked in chainmail and glowing moonlike step out from behind the rubble and engage their targets. One points its sword at Alistair and speaks an eladrin insult, and the other repeats the gesture at Tarrasol.

Though Tarrasol doesn’t understand the insult, he recognises a challenge when he sees one, and he moves quickly to intercept. He takes a swing, cutting through the chain on one arm, and leaving a bloody gash behind. He then follows up the swing with a series of attacks. The fey knight calls for help, and as if from a wind, its eldritch sorcerer springs from the building to immobilise Tarrasol with a spell.

Alistair is faring just as well. He had intended to fight Neith toe-to-toe, but with this enemy marking him, he decides to fight this battle first. The eldritch knight summons up a green energy on its sword, and slashes Alistair across the face, restraining him with binds of magic. As he becomes restrained, Neith orders his panther to charge into the fray. The panther pounces on Alistair, and leaves with blood on its teeth.

Seeing his enemy is wavering, Alistair turns full force of command onto the knight. “Run away now, or I will kill you,” he promises, the green of the restraint giving his eyes an evil glow. The foe stumbles back and falls to the ground. Alistair swings around and looks at the panther, pointing his ring at it. “Bad kitty!” He calls to it, weakening its resolve.

In the middle of the courtyard, meanwhile, Haunt finds himself fighting off Neith, and discovers his agility easily matched. He lashes out once or twice, and springs in with a handspring, kicking Neith in the face, and taking advantage of the momentary stunned eladrin by stabbing him. The dagger sinks in, and leaves a gash where it went in.

Tarrasol finally gets sick of the enemy, and calls out “Come and get me!”, drawing them all in as he swings with sword and shield in a hurricane whirlwind, cutting into them all. He charges at the eldritch sorcerer, slaying him, then turns and charges the knight who is hiding behind a box. A giant dragonborn charging would scare anyone, and this is no different. As the knight turns to leave, Tarrasol kicks the box into splinters over his back, then slashes at the downed enemy.

Neith sees the battle turning against him, and charges Alistair, hoping to at least take out his target. Alistair responds, seeing a weak point and stabbing Neith in his armpit, leaving that arm hanging limp. Alistair’s armour reaches out in a combination of cold and necrotic energies and turns that arm blue with frost and rot. The same frosty armour extends icicles into the air, freezing the other knight solid.

Seeing himself surrounded by enemies, and feeling much the worst for ware, Alistair calls out to Neith, “come and get me!” Then spins around in a whirl. The foes get a brief glimpse of the feywild as Alistair summons its fey energies and vanishes into it, lashing out and immobilising them.

Through a combination of Moloch’s fiery death spells, and Haunt’s springing stabs, the panther and other knight are taken down. Neith is the only one who remains. He draws on his own fey might and cancels the immobilisation, chasing after Alistair. As he swings for the deathblow, Alistair lashes out again, stabbing him beneath his other armpit. The attack hits, and Alistair attacks again, cutting across Neith’s face, then vanishing in a misty step to atop a nearby roof. He leaves behind only the winter’s chill on the ground.

“Don’t kill him,” Alistair calls out, as Haunt moves in to finish the job. Neith looks like he’s about to run. A combination of dragon breaths, magic, and stabs finishes him off.

The battle is over. Alistair explains about the Black Flowers, an elite assassin organisation dedicated to the Raven Prince. He drags Neith’s unconscious form over to the fountain and dunks him in until he wakes. Then, staring into the panther assassin’s very soul and holding a sword to his throat, the eldritch warlock asks a few questions.

The questions he asks are hidden from his friends, as question and answer are asked in elven. When he is done, and the fire has gone from his eyes, Alistair asks one final question. Neith’s face hardens in resolve. “We will keep coming until you are dead.”

Neith smiles. Both eladrin disappear as Neith attempts to fey step away. Alistair is prepared for this though, and the eladrin appear twenty feet away, Alistair’s blade through Neith’s neck, and an expression of shock on the assassin’s neck.

“Awwww, I wanted to ask him a question too,” Haunt complains, moving to loot the body. “Oh well… oh hey, a little panther!” He holds up his find: a wooden sculpture of a panther. “I bet this is how he summoned it.”

Alistair frowns. “I didn’t want to kill him, but he was going to keep coming until we finally did. That one can go though,” he points to the eldritch knight, who had begun to thaw.

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Tarrasol asks. “They don’t know the assassination failed. If he returns, he’ll tell them.”

“They’ll know it failed if Neith doesn’t return. Besides, I want them to fear me.” He grabs the eldritch knight by a frozen arm and stares him hard in the eyes. “You will go back to the Raven Prince,” he says in elven, “and tell him I’m coming for him. And if I see you again, I will kill you.”

The knight stares back, the fear of Khirad in his eyes, and hobbles off as fast as he can.

“How will he get back to the feywild though?” Haunt asks.

“He will,” Alistair says, looking off after the eladrin. “Don’t worry about it, he will.”


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