Plagues in the Planes

Frostwing's Fate

The heroic battle with the Dracolich

The party makes it’s way deeper into Frostwings lair. As they navigate the chilled corridors they notice bones and the occasional whole skeleton encased within the ice walls. There is a strange feeling about the halls of Frostwings lair, an underlying sense of the incongruous.

As Moloch looks closer at the walls the necrotic elements, bones, frozen flesh carvings seem to form some kind of pattern. There is also a deeper pattern engraved in the ice that does not match the undead designs. It seems like it was crafted well before the bones were put in place. There is a hidden beauty to these halls, now that you are looking for it you see how magnificent this place would have been before death claimed it.

Alistair and Moloch discuss the religious implications of what they can see. They determine the bones have been built into the walls as part of a grander design. They look ritualistic. There are Runes carved from bone hidden in the pattern, Moloch can read several references to the prince of the undead. The Demon Orcus holds that title.

The party moves on until they notice something ahead. From around the corner of the corridor a faint light glows, the occasional shuffle and mumble can be heard along with a repetitive scraping sound.

Haunt peaks around the corner. There are humanoid guards near a huge set of doubles doors carved from ice 60 feet away. A large gong stands near the wall to the left of the doors. One guard sleeps by the Gong. Two others stand near the door talking and a fourth guard sits facing away from Haunt 20 feet away. He appears to be sharpening his axe with a whetstone. The two near the door stand slouched and the closer guard fusses over his weapon like a raw recruit. They do not look like they would cause you much trouble, but the gong forebodes greater danger.

The party sneak up on the guard and dispatch of the with a lightning fast display of swordplay and magic. The final Kobold sharpening his axe looks up as his 3 companions are obliterated by fire, psychic might and a throwing hammer to the head. He tries to call for help but no sound comes forth, he looks down and a dagger protrudes from his chest, Haunt on the other end of it. He looks up in time to see a mean looking Silverdragon born crush his face into the wall with his Warhammer.

Chanting can be heard coming from beyond the Ice Doors. The Party search the area and discover a magic symbol on the floor linked to the ice doors, and a side chamber that serves as a torture room. After further inspection Moloch determines that it was only recently converted to such purpose and that it previously was an alchemical lab and wizards chamber. He flips through the pages of a book and finds references to the Dragon Gods Bahamut and Tiamat, good and evil respectively, though in what context is not clear.

Meanwhile Haunt discovers a small hole in the wall near the ceiling that leads through the wall. A trap is set in the chute to collapse it and alert those behind the Ice Doors. He disables it and come to the end of the chute which is blocked by solid ice bars. The room beyond appears empty, with a single passageway leading out of it, however, at 1 minute intervals a black robes figure passes by, chanting a ritual.

Alistair decides to risk teleporting into the room beyond the ice doors in an attempt to open them from the inside while Moloch attempts to open them from the outside with a ritual. As the seconds tick away Alistair struggles with a mechanism to open the door. He manage to open it just in time as the black robed figure returns. The cultist is not overly disturbed at seeing the doors opening, assuming it to be the guards entering, however Alistair did not have time to teleport back through the bars into the chute.

As the huge ice doors slowly slide upward into the ceiling Alistair scrambles for cover behind a stalagmite to hide. Unfortunately he lands hard and crunches the ice beneath him heavily. The Robed cultist approaches to find the source of the noise. Alistair attempts to shimmy around the stalagmite to avoid detection but doesn’t anticipate the robed figure changing direction at the last second to look around the left side of the stalagmite and straight into Alistairs face.

After a moments pause on both sides Alistair thrust his longsword deep into the Cultists throat, silencing him before he can call for help. By now the doors have opened and the rest of the party have joined Alistair.

Alistair looks at the his companions with an expression of: “Hey, yeah, what ya think of that” Tarrasol smiles grimly at his handywork, while Moloch grumbles about his missed chance to show off his arcane prowess. Haunt has a thought to remind Alistair of the trap he disabled, but before he has a chance to mention it Thrax says, “OK, Whats the plan of attack”

Haunt sneaks ahead and scopes out the chamber beyond. It is a large, 50 feet high and 300 feet across. Stalactites and Stalagmites are dotted along the ceiling and floor. Several gullies 30 feet deep run across the room with steep icy bridges spanning them up. They are at the lowest point in the room which has a gradual slope up to the highest point in the opposite corner. Atop this high point a dragonborn cultist of Orcus his performing a ritual which fills the party with a feeling of dread, several other cultists a scattered throughout the large chamber adding their energy to the power of the ritual.

The party sneak around the perimeter of the room, but Tarrasol makes too much noise and stays apart from the rest of the group. Haunt sneaks up behind a cultist and plunges his dagger in beneath the upraised armpit of the cultist, piercing his heart and killing him instantly. Immediately the chanting in the room ceases and all eyes turn towards the adventurers.

Before anyone of the cultists can react the adventurers spring into action, cutting down and immolating several of the cultists. The Dragonborn Cultist points his staff out towards them and shouts, “KILL THEM! Feed their souls to the our master!”

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