Plagues in the Planes

The Eladrin Emissary

Talk of dangerous quests in The Cutlass Tavern

With subtle movements designed not to draw attention, Alistair hides his armour and sword of the Kanthyr city guard with the hem of his cloak. He stands up, pushing aside the cup of drink and bows lightly to Immeral. His eyes never leave the Elder’s. A confused look plays across Alistair’s face. “What are you doing here?”

Immeral: “First, let me introduce my companion, this is Carric of the Brightwood, south of Kanthyr.’ His eyes turn slightly towards Tarrasol and Haunt as he mentions the location of Brightwood. The elf accompanying Immeral appears to be a ranger from the Feywild. Though from the look of some of his clothing it appears he is no stranger to the mortal world. You don’t recognize him but by the looks of him he is acting as guide and bodyguard for Immeral.

Immeral: “As to why I am here… I have come to ask…” he pauses and locks stares with Alistar “… to ask for your help.”

Alistair’s eyes open wide as he hears this. Then the confused look remains, gradually replaced with anger as he comes out of the bow and sits back down. “You exiled me from the one place in the worlds that I hold dear. Allowed Kelagan to throw me out. I have not seen my family in years. Why should I wish to help you?”

Immeral looks about at the five of you, then settles once again on Alistair. “Because, you five have a reputation of being a force to be reckoned with…because you Alistair have connections on this world that we do not… and…”

Without breaking eye contact, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small object. He rolls it between his fingers once and then flicks it onto the table infront of Alistair…

“Because you may be the only hope for all that you hold dear…”

Alistair looks down to at the object on the table… It was a small thing, but he recognized it immediately. He hadn’t seen it since his last visit to the feywild. It is his Guard Captain Signet ring.

After a moments pause Immeral explains further…

“I know you last left that with a wood elf hunter who lived in a forest village beyond the Cloudmoor, west of our city. He delivered it to your ex-lieutenant and brother in law, Rairdon. That’s how we found you… your link to this possession allowed us to track you here. Despite the unresolved issues of your past, I have come to ask you to discover what is happening in the the mortal world town of Selunes Step.”

Alistair takes the ring between his forefinger and thumb and examines it. “What does a faertei such as yourself care for a mortal city?” He rolls the ring down his fingers into his palm and closes a fist around it. The leather of his gloves audibly stretches around the ring. Alistair looks from his fist to Immeral’s eyes, trying to perceive some notion of purpose there within.

Immeral in Eladrin: “Faertei! Interesting coming from one who makes claims of conspiracy without proof. The power balance still remains unaligned.”

Then return to the Common tongue: “The question is fair however. As you know we have little concern for the dealings of the mortal world, generations pass by in the blink of an eye. Their plights are often trivial in the grander scheme of the cosmos. However Selunes Step is built around the gateway it is named after. A Gateway to the feywild that opens not far from Kanthyr. We have trade dealings with them, and the safety of the gate is of importance to our realm.”

He turns and gestures to the Elf Ranger.

“Carric here has come to Kanthyr to inform us of unusual happenings near the Luna Gate which sits on the sourthern boarders of Brightwood in the Feywild, and we have reports from our contact in Selunes Step that there have been increased troubles with creature attacks. We of the council have performed divination rituals to try and determine the source of these troubles. But something is blocking our attempts from the feywild. We believe something is stirring, and Rairdon has come to me speaking of you being wrongly judged.”

“Now this remains to be proven, but you are in a position to do some good for the city the holds the people you love. Also, if you can help us discover what is happening, it would go a long way towards helping prove you put our people first before yourself. I could even speak for you.”

Alistair mulls over the words, sits back thinking. The ring in his hand dances between his fingers in a dextrous dance. He looks down at his hands, where the ring of power he acquired long ago has replaced his guard-captain ring’s place on his finger. Then he shifts the captain ring in his hand and slips it over the same finger on his other hand.

“I am willing to help, but I will not do this alone, and I will not leave my companions. If they do not wish it, they do not have to come.” Alistair turns in his seat, knowing full well that Moloch is listening to the conversation, and addresses the party. “This is not your fight. That said, I can’t do this without you all. Shall we go to Selunes Step?”

Tarrasol thinks for a moment, then looks up at Alistair and say, “If this path leads you to your freedom and your family, then you have my Hammer.” He then raises his glass to show his support.

Thrax silently nods his approval of Tarrasols words. He then speaks his famous Inspiring Word to the party “Hammer-time.”



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