Plagues in the Planes

The Floating Island

It's the only way to fly...

Aboard the Sea Sprite, life is good. Captain Duerdmonte and his crew enjoy their lot in life and it isn’t long before the adventurers are rigging sails, gambling and drinking ale. Solly the lovable Changeling Rogue of the Sea Sprite keeps things entertaining with his endless stories and constant larks.

After two weeks sailing the Captain informs the crew and adventurers that they will be making a stop at an island to do some trading for rare minerals found on the island. Upon putting to shore in the landing craft the Captain and adventurers discover that the small coastal village has been sacked. Alistair and Moloch determine that a large creature, possibly a dragon, attacked the town. They find areas of vegetation completely drained of life and bodies frozen solid. It is Moloch’s belief that a Cold Aligned dragon has been reborn as a dracolich and is attacking the inhabitants of the Island.

At this point a group of island natives, large barbarian men, arrive to at the site. They ask of the parties motives and invite them to come back to their village. There, the Chief Heafstag of the Tribe of the Elk and his Shaman inform them of Frostwing, a white dragon of this island whom they slayed recently. The Shaman reveals to Alistair that he tried to speak with Frostwings spirit and believes he is responsible for the creatures return as an undead monstrosity.

Meanwhile, the island that they are on turns out to be an earth mote that cycles between being semi submerged in the sea and floating in clouds. It is now changing cycles and returning to the sky.

The adventurers offer to deal with the Frostwing, and set out across the now floating island to find Frostwings lair. As the island gains altitude the warm forests rapidly cool. Some strange aura emanates from the island and keeps the vegetation alive as it quickly frozen and covered with thick frost.

As the adventures cross a chasm by rope that opens out to the sea thousands of feet below, a troll and several beasts attack the party. After dispatching and Owlbear, Alistair and Tarrasol maneuver the Troll to the edge of the Chasm and knock it in. It falls beyond sight through the clouds.

By late that evening the adventurers locate Frostwings Lair high in the mountains. They decide to make camp in a nearby cave, but soon discover it is already inhabited by Trolls and Ogres. The adventurers discover the dead bodies of barbarians from Heafstags Elk Tribe. This is all the justification the party needs to begin a bit of housecleaning. Soon the Ogres and Trolls and dispatched along with their pet Displacer Beast.

After a restless night on the cave floor, the party wake at dawn to begin their attack on Frostwings Lair.



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